The URL of the feed, subscription list, or opportunity object. It is not normalized beyond the stripping of whitespace.

Due to the ubiquity of format-agnostic feed parsers, there is nothing to indicate what format the target feed is presented in.

Feed URLs come from

  • /opml/body//outline/@xmlUrl

  • /gtml:GadgetTabML//iGoogle:Module[@type="RSS"]/iGoogle:ModulePrefs/@xmlUrl

  • /rdf:RDF//foaf:Agent//rss:channel/@rdf:about

  • /rdf:RDF//ya:feed/@rdf:resource

Subscription list URLs come from

  • /opml/body//outline/@url

  • /opml/body//outline[type="source"]/@xmlUrl

  • /rdf:RDF//rdfs:seeAlso/@rdf:resource

Opportunity URLs come from

  • /opml/body//outline/@htmlUrl

  • /rdf:RDF//foaf:Agent//foaf:Document/@rdf:about