The title of the feed, subscription list, or opportunity object. It is not normalized except for the stripping of whitespace.


The opml:outline element’s text and title attributes differ in function. Many feed readers keep track of the feed’s original title while allowing users to change the title that they see. When their subscription list is exported, the opml:outline element’s text attribute should contain the user’s preferred title, and the title attribute should contain the original title.

In practice, however, some software doesn’t use the text attribute at all. Therefore, feeds[i].title is filled from the text attribute or, if that isn’t available, the title attribute. For example:

<outline text="*text* attribute" title="*title* attribute"
    type="rss" xmlUrl="https://domain.example/feed" />

And here is the title returned by listparser:

>>> result.feeds[0].title
'*text* attribute'

Comes from

  • /opml/body//outline/@text

  • /opml/body//outline/@title

  • /rdf:RDF//foaf:Agent/foaf:name

  • /rdf:RDF//foaf:Agent/foaf:member_name